The Apps Market is growing faster than ever and with so much competition, it’s getting even harder to create a successful app. Recent research shows that over 90% of mobile phone apps are abandoned within a year. Only a select few will make it through to become indispensable to a number of users – and even fewer will become global sensations.

Here I shall discuss some of the major reasons for mobile application failure:

  •  Stale content

It is essential to keep your app updated with new content, so that it remains updated in users’ mind as well. If you will not upload new content to your app, then users’ start getting distract with it – with an intention that they are not getting anything new from it. Uploading daily new content is a reason for your users to check out your app regularly.

  • Producing Replicas of existing apps

Most apps as we see them today are replicas of a few popular ones. The users are looking for innovation and the failure to come up with something inventive causes, disappointment, and loss of trust. For instance, if all the fashion designers are making the same style of apparels the competition will be high; hence only the original concepts and designs make an impact on the customers’ mind.

If you are creating an app with the sole purpose of earning money out of it then you have already committed the first gaffe. Your main motive should always be solving a problem that exists amongst the users.

  • Ignoring the reviews

Reviews are the thoughts of your users. It comprise of: what users like, what they hate, what they need, what they eliminate and what they want to improve. Many developers ignore reviews of their users. Don’t you like to make these changes to your app? If yes, then start to check reviews from now onwards. They will give you instant idea of what your app actually needs.

  • Too many or too less features

Choking your app with too many features will not make a hit amongst users. If you have a look at the updates from Instagram it will hit you how they come up with their updates. It keeps alive the interest of the users and every new feature gets publicity by itself. This proves clearly how many and when will your features impress the users of the app.

Hence, if you are under the impression that a feature-loaded application will lure the users; it might turn to be an exactly opposite scenario. Excessive features might confuse them and thus they would prefer to opt for something more specific to their needs.

  • Not Carrying out Enough Marketing in Time

Most marketers make this mistake, marketing your app after it has been created and launched is the dullest job and fruitless too. Rather it is time to take the more innovative approach, especially with so many methods of publicity at your disposal. There is no harm in creating a little hype for your application.

  • Incompatible User Experience

The main criterion behind an app creation is starting an interaction with the user. If you have a deaf and mute app that does not provide any feedback to the user he will certainly be less interested to use it. It will like clearing the highest level of a game still not getting any scores or unable to share your scores with your friends; what’s the fun in that?

  • Inability to understand the target audience

If you are not able to focus on your target audience properly; it will certainly paint a very blurry picture about your ideas, as a result your application will never reach the right users and remain an unimportant guest in the app world.

Just to conclude I would say, Constant changing role of mobile apps for business is a big challenge for enterprises. Also, increasing competitions make this challenge more tough to face. Ignorance of even a single minor issue can result into a big failure. All parts are necessary to take care of and to develop a successful enterprise app.


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