How to make Business-to-business marketing plan effective

Posted: March 2, 2015 in Uncategorized
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What’s more important than prior domain knowledge is the ability to understand the market, the (potential) customers, and their needs and challenges.People today have short attention spans and don’t want to take the time to view websites, emails, etc. on mobile devices if they aren’t mobile-friendly. As mobile dominance continues to increase, it’s important to incorporate mobile into your B2B marketing strategy.

More than half of the mob of B2B purchase decision makers and influencers use their smartphones to gather information when purchasing products or services. This is the reality we are facing in our digital world. And with the B2B sales cycle being longer than B2C, it’s even more important that your digital marketing is set up for mobile.


Here are some key elements to latest B2B marketing communications tools, emerging platforms, and best practices, including the following:

  • Strategic and actionable B2B writing for blogs, social media, e-papers, case studies, speeches, industry association conferences and more.
  • Creating content that inspires dialogue and is relevant, shareable, search-engine optimized and monetizeable
  • Marketing campaign development aimed at B2B lead generation and nurturing.
  • B2B brand building using social media platforms and channels.

For now you are aware of with the latest B2B marketing communications tools, I would like to tell few more important points that are required to be considered when Leads come from page visits or subscriptions forms online:

B2B Sales Leads

Rule 1: Don’t let online leads wait: If you make leads wait, they will most likely move on to the next and find one that could satisfy their needs. Your best chance of reaching these leads is the moment when they identify themselves as a prospect.

Rule 2: The need for speed: Speed is the most crucial matter to convert lead into clients.Again, because online leads require immediate response, your team should be able to handle the task of responding to each lead based on type: inquiries, requests for data, warm leads, hot leads and whatnot. You could track response times and make reps accountable for speedy follow-up, or adjust your compensation plan to create incentives for real-time responses.

Rule 3: Always make it sure it is better to be quick than accurate: Every response from a lead indicates a small time-frame window for marketers to take hold of the action. That principle allows one to prioritize the quick response over accuracy, because you can’t spend precious time making a response perfect while time is ticking away.

How to increase sales lead

How progressive are you with your B2B Lead Generation?

What marketers should do is to think outside the box. They will need to think differently from the competition. After all, it pays to stay one step ahead and to be willing to try things out.

Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone?

The problem with many marketers today is that they get so attached with their current strategies. They often believe that their current campaign passes for an efficient lead generation program. They often shrug at any opportunity to try out new things. But without trying out new solutions, vertical business growth is impossible.

Are you willing to make mistakes?

No business is ever immune to making mistakes. Moreover, no marketing plan proves to be the most effective. Nonetheless, businesses should be willing to take risks. You cannot get to an effective marketing planwithout having to suffer a great deal of risks along the way.

Are you willing to outsource?

Finally, progressive marketers know best to hire a B2B lead generation services company. Considering that competition within the industry is getting fiercer, it would be practical if you consider the services of a lead generation firm that thinks differently from typical outsourcing firms.


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